London Period Property Restoration, Repairs and Damp Works

Whether your period property needs a fresh coat of paint, damp-proofing works or a complete renovation, you can depend on Environ Property Services to bring your property into the 21st century without harming its historic quality and charm.

Terry Clark, director of Environ Property Services, is a member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. SPAB members are dedicated to the conservation and care of period buildings, and continue to develop their knowledge and skills to protect the country’s historic architecture.

SPAB’s principles guide every aspect of our company and the work we do. We believe in a holistic approach to restoration works over patchwork repairs, ensuring that period buildings can continue to be enjoyed for generations.

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High quality, traditional craftsmanship and preservation works

When working on a period property, we may need to replace original features such as plaster cornices, sash windows or decorative ironwork. Craftsmanship must be of impeccable quality for these replacements not to stick out like a store thumb.

Our contractors and tradespeople are experienced in traditional building techniques so that any alterations or repairs we have to make to your property will look identical to the original fabric.

This includes sourcing items from trusted suppliers of authentic period replicas and carefully ageing materials so they appear to be appropriately old.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern plumbing, electrical and damp-proofing allows us to reinvigorate a period property so that it functions like a modern home while looking straight out of the 1800s.

Damp-proofing and remedial works for conservation areas and listed buildings

When working in conservation areas and listed buildings, preservation is more than an aesthetic concern. It is illegal to alter or damage original fabric in protected buildings, and many conservation areas place restrictions on their appearance.

If you don’t hire contractors who know how to work with period buildings, you may be ordered reverse the works, pay hefty fines or even face prosecution. The property owner is always liable for any breaches of planning law or damage to historic fabric.

In listed buildings, the entire structure is protected, inside and out. You should never assume that you can perform any works without planning permission and historic buildings consent, no matter how minor.

In 2015, a property developer who refurbished a Grade II listed Georgian house in Wales was ordered to pay a £300,000 fine or face a 20 month prison sentence. This is an extreme example, but less headline-grabbing stories happen all the time.

With period building preservation, we need to be prepared for anything

Even in initially simple jobs, there’s no knowing what we will find when we start peeling back the paint and plaster.

Damage and disrepair in period properties is often covered up rather than fixed, and shoddy workmanship from generations ago can come back to haunt us. This is especially common in period houses that have been subdivided into flats.

Timber and brick are also more susceptible to decay than steel and concrete, especially if untreated damp has been eating away at them. We are often called out to perform a damp surveys on period buildings to discover that urgent structural works are required as well.

In such situations, you need a contractor who is ready for anything. Many companies who only perform damp works simple don’t have the expertise, staff or scale to be able to perform structural works or advanced repairs.

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