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Signs you need sash window repair

Signs you need sash window repair

Period properties are gorgeous, but sash window repair can be a nightmare. If you’re lucky enough and have maintained the windows well over the years, you should run into fewer problems. Unfortunately, even with the right care, repairs are necessary. Some problems aren’t obvious and even when they are, you don’t always think about repairs. It isn’t just a money thing, it’s often down to putting it off until the last minute. So, what signs should you look for with sash windows?

A new draught

Sash window repair isn’t always obvious; some signs are subtle and may go unnoticed for several months. When you notice a new draught in a room, it could be a sign there’s an issue with the window and should be investigated immediately. If you’re lucky enough, sash window repair won’t be necessary as the problem lies elsewhere.

So, you should search for the source of the draught. Put your hand up to the sash window on a cold or windy evening and see if the draught seems worse near the window. Sash window repair should be completed quickly if this is where the draught’s coming from. If not, your search should continue.

Rotted timber

You mightn’t notice a draught (or even a rattling window), but other signs could signal the need for repairs. For instance, the wooden timber around the outside of the window, including the windowsill has started to rot. This is a sure-fire sign sash window repair is needed. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to solve the problem of rotting timber; you’ll need to install a new wooden timber frame.

Noise seeping in from outside

Everyone hears noises outside their home, from road traffic to passers-by. It’s not that uncommon, even with double-glazed windows. When the noise level increases, however, it’s typically a sign there’s trouble with your windows. Sash window repair could be needed as street noise levels shouldn’t be getting louder inside your home.

Non-functioning windows

All properties have teething issues from time to time, but the windows should be functional. For example, you are able to open the window, but it won’t stay open. Or the window doesn’t open at all. These are not normal features of a properly working window. Sash window repair is necessary when the windows don’t function right. You should never ignore these signs and should get immediate repairs carried out.

Repairs don’t have to be daunting

Sash windows are beautiful and even when they need some light repairs, it’s not too much trouble. When you spot the signs of decay, it’s important to get the windows repaired immediately. It could be that the windows don’t function properly or a new draught; don’t ignore the signs because the problem will only get worse. Sash window repair can restore the beauty of the home.


Yes, roofers increasingly use drones to complete roof inspections. Drone roof inspections save time because they don’t require scaffolding, ladders, or roofers to physically climb onto the top of the roof. This means the process is also safer. Moreover, high-tech drones can identify roofing problems even from a distance, making roof inspections faster and more accurate.

When carrying out drone roof surveys, roofers inspect your property’s roof covering to check its age and condition, and make recommendations on the need for repairs or replacement, either now or at some point in the future. They can also compare the condition to roofs of other similar properties.

Here are the broad-brush steps to using a drone for surveying:

  • Select the right drone for the task.
  • Purchase appropriate software.
  • Plan the flight.
  • Check the settings on the camera.
  • Fly and review the area to be surveyed.
  • Process the resulting images.

The more sophisticated the equipment, the more accurate the survey will be. The best equipment can produce sharp, crisp images that are accurate down to the very last millimetre. At Environ Property Services, we use state-of-the-art drones that can offer a high degree of accuracy, much more so than doing the job manually with ladders or scaffolding.

Drones are capable of getting a clear, aerial view of your rooftop and take detailed images of it. They are also designed to take precise measurements of your roof. Nowadays, many drones used in roof surveying are equipped with roof-measuring apps and programs that can provide highly accurate roof measurements.

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