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Why choose a professional damp-proofing service?

Why choose a professional damp proofing service

Damp-proofing has become a necessity for homes across the country. It’s crucial to protect your property from moisture as that can be the breeding ground for mould. When a building is exposed to mould it presents a health hazard. It isn’t ideal and can occur all too often. That is why you need a damp-proof course for your property. So, why should you hire a professional damp-proofing service?

A damp-proofing service can identify the type of dampness in the home

Despite what you might think, there are several types of damp that can affect a property. For instance, there is penetrating damp, condensation, chemical damp, and rising damp. Each poses a serious risk to property but is treated differently. Calling in a damp-proofing expert can ensure you know the problems you’re facing.

Finding the right course of action for your problem

Damp is a major headache for any property. Moisture is getting into the home and seeping through the exterior walls. When dampness gets into a home it impacts every aspect, from the windows to ceilings, furniture and even floors. Your walls are cold to touch and are often greeted by a musty smell. Heat won’t solve the problem either, no matter how long you keep the radiators on.

A damp-proofing expert can locate the problem and find the best way to treat it. This is the best way to solve your damp problems and keep the home free from mould and mildew.

It’s an effective way to protect the home

Without affirmative action, damp won’t suddenly disappear. Damp-proofing the entire property, however, can treat the immediate problem and prevent it from being an issue again. This is why more people turn to damp-proofing services because they can deal with the issues at hand. A damp-proof course does have its advantages, to say the least.

A simple way to deal with dampness

Properties are increasingly at risk from dampness. Moisture seeps into the home and creates problems with mildew and mould. It is necessary to damp-proof your home so that these issues don’t become a factor. Professionals will deal with the issues head-on and find the root cause. Damp-proofing is a worthy investment for your home today.


Yes, roofers increasingly use drones to complete roof inspections. Drone roof inspections save time because they don’t require scaffolding, ladders, or roofers to physically climb onto the top of the roof. This means the process is also safer. Moreover, high-tech drones can identify roofing problems even from a distance, making roof inspections faster and more accurate.

When carrying out drone roof surveys, roofers inspect your property’s roof covering to check its age and condition, and make recommendations on the need for repairs or replacement, either now or at some point in the future. They can also compare the condition to roofs of other similar properties.

Here are the broad-brush steps to using a drone for surveying:

  • Select the right drone for the task.
  • Purchase appropriate software.
  • Plan the flight.
  • Check the settings on the camera.
  • Fly and review the area to be surveyed.
  • Process the resulting images.

The more sophisticated the equipment, the more accurate the survey will be. The best equipment can produce sharp, crisp images that are accurate down to the very last millimetre. At Environ Property Services, we use state-of-the-art drones that can offer a high degree of accuracy, much more so than doing the job manually with ladders or scaffolding.

Drones are capable of getting a clear, aerial view of your rooftop and take detailed images of it. They are also designed to take precise measurements of your roof. Nowadays, many drones used in roof surveying are equipped with roof-measuring apps and programs that can provide highly accurate roof measurements.

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