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What Are The Benefits Of London Restoration Services For Period Properties?

Period properties possess history and character that no modern building can compete with. It’s, therefore, essential to use London restoration services to preserve such treasures before it is too late.

Restoring these houses can be tricky. Careless restorations can lead to extra costs incurred and the loss of your property’s charming features. To ensure that your period building doesn’t fall victim to a low-quality restoration, you should only work with a reliable restoration specialist.

Here at Environ Property Services, we specialise in the preservation and repair of all period houses, whether they be from the Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian era.

If you notice signs of old age or damage in your building, we will restore it to perfect condition.

Dont Take Our Word For It:

Lauren clark
Lauren clark
In a panic I called environ with a rat problem, and in less than an hour later they showed up and dealt with it! Amazing efficient service, extremely knowledgeable also about the rodents/pests they deal with. Never thought I’d learn so much, but it goes to show how experienced they are. 10/10 from me, will definitely be reusing!
Phil Shaw
Phil Shaw
Very professional outfit I would highly recommend
Sarota Saro
Sarota Saro
Extremely pleased with the work Environ Property Services has done at my house. Jordan was very pleasant and polite, he did an impeccable job with the gutters and manhole.
Chris Castle
Chris Castle
Fantastic services. Everyone was fantastic! Terry came and done the inspection and can’t thank him enough.
sophie osullivan
sophie osullivan
The team at Environ has demonstrated professionalism and efficiency in their work, I am very pleased with my experience. Annie was also very helpful when i spoke to her about the services????
Aliza Shafi
Aliza Shafi
I am thrilled to share my experience with Environ Restoration Services, and I must say, their work with graded building is exceptional. The importance and attention to detail they demonstrated during the planning and execution of the project were truly impressive. From start to finish, their team displayed a level of professionalism and expertise that surpassed my expectations. They took the time to understand the unique requirements of the graded building and ensured every aspect of the restoration was carried out meticulously. The final result was nothing short of remarkable. I am immensely satisfied with the outcome, and without a doubt, I will be using Environ Restoration Services again for any future projects. If you are seeking a team that values quality, precision, and care for graded buildings, look no further than Environ Restoration Services. They have earned my trust and highest recommendation.
A big thank you to Lincoln for conducting an excellent drone survey! I truly appreciated the care and safety he demonstrated while operating the drone on my property. Highly recommended!
Monum Khan
Monum Khan
Huge thanks to Environs Restoration Team for their outstanding work on restoring my London property. Even while away, they kept me updated throughout the entire project. Highly recommend them for their expertise in working on listed buildings!

Why You Should Use Our London Restoration Services?

Having your period property restored isn’t just for beautification purposes. Many people turn to our services for a wide variety of other reasons.
Firstly, our services will make your house more comfortable and inviting – something that you should never compromise on. We want your house to feel like a home.

Our restoration services can cover everything that your period property needs, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, repairs, damp-proofing, or a full renovation. Our services aim to upgrade your home’s function while preserving its original style.

Secondly, we can make your home much safer for you and your family. It might be suffering from severe electrical issues, roof leaks, cracks in the building’s foundations, damp eating away at the structure, and more.

Our services will repair these issues safely, preventing any further problems to your home’s functionality. Your safety is always a priority, so if your property needs a long-overdue renovation project, do not delay it any further.

Lastly, using our services will significantly improve your home’s value. It doesn’t matter if you have intentions to sell your property soon, or you see it as a long-term investment; you need to make sure that it’s durable enough to last for years to come.

All property surveyors will notice any issues with damp or rotting timbers, or other problems; so if you want to make a successful sale on your home, using our services is one of the best decisions you can make.

Environ Property Services are specialists in period restoration. We will come to your house fully prepared with advanced tools and equipment, as well as our skills and expertise.

Most properties are repaired and renovated with poor-quality workmanship, which adds to the amount of work we need to do. This is especially common in period houses that have been subdivided into flats.

Whether you need floor restoration or brickwork repair, we will always strive for excellence and treat your property with quality solutions, repairing both superficial and hidden damage.

who to call for london restoration jobsWhy Choose Environ Property Services?

It is always important to work with a period building restoration specialist and not just any property restorer. The law requires us to repair and renovate listed buildings without changing or damaging its fabric or appearance.

Hiring the wrong company for such important repairs and renovations could cause huge issues, as you will be held responsible if the historic fabric has been damaged. You may be prosecuted, charged a hefty fine, or be ordered to reverse the work.

Fortunately, you can rely on Environ Property Services! We have a team of contractors and tradespeople who are experts in period property restoration and will guide you every step of the way.

We only use the most appropriate and traditional building techniques to repair and renovate your property, ensuring the result will look exactly the same as the original, whilst improving safety and durability.

We also work with trustworthy suppliers to ensure that all items are authentic and of the utmost quality.

Furthermore, as one of the restoration companies who are part of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), you can rest assured that we comply with the highest standards while using our expertise to preserve period buildings.

When working on period properties, we take a holistic approach to restoring and repairing them so they can last for generations to come.

Make sure to maintain your period property correctly to retain the heritage and the character of the building.

Fill out our contact page at to find out how our London restoration services can help you ensure that your period building will last for years to come.

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What Should You Restore In Your Period Property?

In every period property restoration, the building will be thoroughly inspected to know which repairs it will need.

As for the inspection and property refurbishment, our advice is to leave it to the professionals, as your house’s old fabric may be delicate and fragile. If you aren’t careful, you might do more harm than good when investigating or repairing your home on your own.

A period restoration company will focus on identifying the floors, walls, doors, and windows which show the most signs of damage or deterioration. They will carefully repair these parts while still retaining your house’s original style.

Their building restoration services will also involve searching for structural issues, draughts, or ventilation issues in fireplaces – if your home has one – and efficiently fixing and restoring them.

Joists, which are often hidden in the ceiling, will be plastered and maintained. Brick pointing and cleaning may also be necessary.

When it comes to decorating your house, a specialist can help you uncover and repair plasterwork to get back its original charming appearance.

Plan Effectively For Your Period Property Restoration

If you have already decided to restore or renovate your home, then you should prepare thoroughly! Doing so will make the home refurbishment and renovation tasks much easier for you and your chosen period property restoration specialist.

First, consider getting a floor plan made of your house. You can even draw one yourself. You can write down the number of rooms your home has, as well as their sizes.

When it comes to the walls, try to distinguish structural ones from studwork and plasterboard. Removing structural walls may involve additional costs and work compared to removing stud walls. If you have damaged brick walls, you may want to consider using London repointing and restoration services.

As for complying with the law and regulations, you should be aware of which restoration and renovation jobs require planning permission.

If your period house is a listed building, you may require planning permission depending on the London restoration tasks you want to carry out, such as re-planning the layout of the house or taking out walls.

If you’re looking for the best period property restorers and renovators in the industry, we are just one call away. We can provide your property with the best treatments and solutions for your better home. Call us or request your call back now!


Before you have your Victorian home restored, your property must be examined first. A restoration expert can check your house and look for different problems. They may look at the plasterwork or floor to see if it needs repairing.

The brickwork may also need some repointing. Speak with your chosen London brick restoration expert for any of your concerns.

If your period house needs restoration, you can hire a specialist to focus on renovating only the essential parts of the building. For a minor home repair, you can do it yourself to save money in the long run.

No matter which approach you take, renovating your old house will be an excellent investme

The price of a renovation specialist varies depending on their expertise, the type and size of your period property, and the type of house refurbishment and repair you want.

If the renovation of your period house does not involve structural work, you should budget around £40k to upgrade or fix minor repairs.

Renovating a period property may be challenging, but a renovation specialist will know the right order to execute a successful restoration project.
First, they will plan the whole project, including the design. Then, they will examine the entire building and search for damage on the roof, siding, windows, and foundations. If your house has damp issues, they may offer you London water damage restoration services.

Afterwards, they will proceed with the repairs, which may include fixing your house’s structure, damp-proofing, plumbing system, and more.

Usually, renovation and restoration services may cost you £1590 – £3180 per square metre. If you want to save more money, you can focus on repairing only the critical parts of your period property first.

Yes. However, when it comes to period properties, the best thing to do is to hire a period renovation specialist instead. They are qualified and experienced in all kinds of restoration tasks and can help with repairing exterior walls, brick cleaning, and other building repair tasks.

Moreover, they understand period properties better than the average homeowner, so expect their work to be far superior.

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I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for resolving the damp issue we had. Its so nice to come home and not see or smell the disaster that was there before. Just in time for Christmas which I would have to say you guys saved as we have family coming who had their flights already booked. A massive relief Thank you so much!! Would definitely recommend your team from initial contact to works completed. Great job.
unnamed file
I chose to use Environ to deal with a damp wall, the whole process from beginning to end has been straightforward, well explained and they've managed to strike a pleasing balance between friendliness and professionalism. Everyone they sent over during the course of the work, as well as their office staff has been, nice helpful and accommodating. I hope not to need to use them again but if I do, I'll do so gladly!
unnamed file
Came round to have a look at work required and actually realised it was all low level work. Explained and showed what was required. They can back about a week later (or thereabouts) to carry out the work which was done very quickly (about an hour if I recall). Because it took less time than was originally thought have not been charged for the materials so was very happy about that.

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