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Want to Stop Mould From Coming Back, For Good? Book a Consultation From Environ, London’s Most Reliable Mould Removal Company You can’t be complacent with mould. This aggressive fungus infects walls, windowsills, grout, curtains, furniture and even mattresses. It destroys property and possessions and makes spaces dangerous for human habitation by aggravating and causing respiratory conditions, especially in the young and old. Don’t just take our word for it. The NHS has a page dedicated to damp and mould and the detrimental effects they can have on your health: “Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Mould can also cause asthma attacks.” If you plan to sell your home, the discovery of mould and the damp issues that causes it can significantly reduce the value and appeal of your home. If you’re a landlord and you don’t take action to resolve mould in one of your properties, you could find yourself prosecuted in criminal courts for negligence. Worst of all, mould is stubborn. You can spray, scrub and paint over it, but chances are you’ll see it – and smell it – again. That’s why you need a consultation from Environ. We’re a born and bred London team of damp and mould specialists who have made thousands of homes mould free, from listed buildings to council flats, from tower blocks to basements.


Book your free, no obligation consultation, and we’ll tell you the cause of your mould problem and give you a quote for our recommended treatment before you spend a penny.


The primary cause of mould is excess moisture, either from condensation or damp. Mould feeds off this moisture, so no matter how many times you paint over it, if you don’t resolve the underlying issues, it will keep on coming back.

Unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous property owners and dodgy damp “specialists” are happy to conceal a mould problem and make everything look clean on the surface, only for the mould to return with a vengeance months or years down the line.

Mould-feeding moisture may be caused by caused condensation that can be solved by installing a PIV unit, or from more serious structural issues such as rising damp, lateral damp or penetrating damp – all of which are commonly misdiagnosed, even by leading nationwide firms.

This leads to far too many homeowners spend thousands of pounds on damp-proofing treatment which only acts as a plaster over a much more serious wound. We often have to patch up work which our clients bought as a permanent damp-proofing solution.

Mould Specialist London

At Environ, we work to a higher standard. We won’t rest until we eliminate every source of moisture getting into your home, from basement to walls to roof. Best of all, you’ll never be surprised by our costs: every client gets a free, no obligation consultation and a detailed quote for our recommendations.

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To get your free professional consultation, or for more details on effective mould treatments, request your call back today.

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I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for resolving the damp issue we had. Its so nice to come home and not see or smell the disaster that was there before. Just in time for Christmas which I would have to say you guys saved as we have family coming who had their flights already booked. A massive relief Thank you so much!! Would definitely recommend your team from initial contact to works completed. Great job.
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I chose to use Environ to deal with a damp wall, the whole process from beginning to end has been straightforward, well explained and they've managed to strike a pleasing balance between friendliness and professionalism. Everyone they sent over during the course of the work, as well as their office staff has been, nice helpful and accommodating. I hope not to need to use them again but if I do, I'll do so gladly!
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Came round to have a look at work required and actually realised it was all low level work. Explained and showed what was required. They can back about a week later (or thereabouts) to carry out the work which was done very quickly (about an hour if I recall). Because it took less time than was originally thought have not been charged for the materials so was very happy about that.

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