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#1 Brick Repointing London Expert

London Brick Repointing Experts: Environ Property Services

At Environ Property Services, we specialize in essential repointing for brick houses, using long-lasting lime mortar that endures over 60 years. Our services prevent water damage and maintain the structural integrity of both historical and modern properties in London.

With our expert craftsmanship, we ensure your brickwork remains protected and aesthetically pleasing, avoiding the frequent repairs and damage associated with inferior repointing methods. Trust us to preserve your property with our exceptional skills and attention to detail.

Dont Take Our Word For It:

Lauren clark
Lauren clark
In a panic I called environ with a rat problem, and in less than an hour later they showed up and dealt with it! Amazing efficient service, extremely knowledgeable also about the rodents/pests they deal with. Never thought I’d learn so much, but it goes to show how experienced they are. 10/10 from me, will definitely be reusing!
Phil Shaw
Phil Shaw
Very professional outfit I would highly recommend
Sarota Saro
Sarota Saro
Extremely pleased with the work Environ Property Services has done at my house. Jordan was very pleasant and polite, he did an impeccable job with the gutters and manhole.
Chris Castle
Chris Castle
Fantastic services. Everyone was fantastic! Terry came and done the inspection and can’t thank him enough.
sophie osullivan
sophie osullivan
The team at Environ has demonstrated professionalism and efficiency in their work, I am very pleased with my experience. Annie was also very helpful when i spoke to her about the services????
Aliza Shafi
Aliza Shafi
I am thrilled to share my experience with Environ Restoration Services, and I must say, their work with graded building is exceptional. The importance and attention to detail they demonstrated during the planning and execution of the project were truly impressive. From start to finish, their team displayed a level of professionalism and expertise that surpassed my expectations. They took the time to understand the unique requirements of the graded building and ensured every aspect of the restoration was carried out meticulously. The final result was nothing short of remarkable. I am immensely satisfied with the outcome, and without a doubt, I will be using Environ Restoration Services again for any future projects. If you are seeking a team that values quality, precision, and care for graded buildings, look no further than Environ Restoration Services. They have earned my trust and highest recommendation.
A big thank you to Lincoln for conducting an excellent drone survey! I truly appreciated the care and safety he demonstrated while operating the drone on my property. Highly recommended!
Monum Khan
Monum Khan
Huge thanks to Environs Restoration Team for their outstanding work on restoring my London property. Even while away, they kept me updated throughout the entire project. Highly recommend them for their expertise in working on listed buildings!

Brick Repointing London

Repointing is an essential part of the maintenance of a brick house. It doesn’t have to be done often – ideally once a lifetime – but it does have to be done well.

Pointing is the mortar between bricks, which is decays over time through weathering from wind, rain and freeze/thaw erosion. Mortar is meant to weather this way, otherwise the more valuable bricks would bear the brunt of the elements.

This mortar will inevitably have to be replaced at some point, as decayed pointing allows water inside the wall, leading to penetrating damp and damage to the brickwork.

Poor repointing using a cement mortar will typically last 10 years or less, while high quality repointing using lime mortar and the appropriate finish will last 60 years or more.

Using the wrong mortar and finish for the pointing isn’t just a bad investment because it doesn’t last; it can also destroy a brick wall.

Trying to save money on cheap repointing will result if far more expensive repairs in the long run as irreparably damaged bricks will have to be replaced.

To get a quote for high quality repointing for period and modern properties, call us now or request a call back.

In the heart of Brick Pointing London, our standard of care in brickworks repointing is unparalleled. We understand the architectural tapestry of London’s brickwork and are committed to preserving it with the highest standard of craftsmanship, ensuring that every repointed joint contributes to the longevity and beauty of the city’s historic and modern masonry.

How does poor repointing damage brick walls?

Mortar provides compression between bricks, absorbing force from gravity as the building settles and as the bricks expand and contract from temperature changes and moisture absorption.

Using the wrong mortar doesn’t just look bad, it can cause irreversible damage to the wall. A mortar that is too hard won’t provide compression for the bricks, which will crack or shatter from having to absorb the force instead.

This is especially damaging in period homes. Bricks from the Victorian era or earlier are far softer than today because they are highly porous, which allows the solid brick walls of the building to “breathe” moisture in and out.

The softer the brick, the softer the mortar should be. In period homes, mortar joints also contribute to the breathability to the wall, which will otherwise cause the bricks to be overwhelmed by excessive travel of moisture.

Modern brick walls use hard bricks, which allows the use of a harder mortar, though we still recommend a largely lime-based mortar due to its excellent compressive and self-healing properties.

Sympathetic repointing for period properties

Repointing for period properties is a delicate process which needs to be carried out by tradespeople trained in traditional building techniques and able to identify the composition of the original mortar.

This is because the replacement mortar in period repointing needs to match the characteristics of the original mortar as close as possible in softness, permeability, durability and appearance.

Lime mortar is a mix of sand and lime, and the exact ratio is site-dependent. Mortar for period properties is not an off-the-shelf material; it’s mixed on-site to the same ratio as the original mortar, then applied with the appropriate finish for the building.

Terry Clark, director of Environ Property Services, is a member of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He personally supervises all repointing works to ensure that the correct techniques are used to preserve period brickwork.


Don’t damage your home with shoddy repointing. To get your quote, call us now request a call back.

Revitalize Your Property with Expert Brick Pointing in London

In the heart of London, history is written on the walls of its buildings. With our expert brick repointing services, your property will not only embrace its heritage but will also stand strong for years to come. Our seasoned professionals use time-honoured techniques and the finest lime mortar to ensure your brickwork meets and exceeds the highest standards. Whether it’s the robust beauty of historical restoration or the precision of modern brick pointing, we are dedicated to breathing new life into every structure we touch. Trust in our experience to elevate the front of your building, with every job guaranteed to enhance the strength and beauty of your property.

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Bring New Life to Your Building with Professional London Repointing

London’s skyline tells a story of timeless architecture, and your building is a part of that narrative. Our London-pointing contractors specialize in the delicate task of brick restoration, delivering a service that goes beyond mere repairs.

With a keen eye for quality and a deep understanding of architectural beauty, our professional brick repointing breathes new vigour into your stone and masonry. From the intricate removal of aged mortar to the artisanal touch in pointing restoration, we commit to excellence with every stroke of our trowels. Opt for our repointing services and join the ranks of London’s most beautifully preserved properties.

Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic with Superior Brickwork Services

At the intersection of artistry and craftsmanship lies our superior brickwork and masonry service. Our London-based team, skilled in both bricklayer repointing and comprehensive stone restoration, operates at the pinnacle of quality brickwork. We offer an array of services—from house pointing to full-scale brick restoration—that ensure your home not only stands out but also stands the test of time.

Embrace the transformation as we strip away the old and welcome the new, with each dash of mortar applied with precision and care. Our pointing style speaks volumes of our dedication to meet and exceed the standards of beauty and excellence that London homes deserve. 

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I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for resolving the damp issue we had. Its so nice to come home and not see or smell the disaster that was there before. Just in time for Christmas which I would have to say you guys saved as we have family coming who had their flights already booked. A massive relief Thank you so much!! Would definitely recommend your team from initial contact to works completed. Great job.
unnamed file
I chose to use Environ to deal with a damp wall, the whole process from beginning to end has been straightforward, well explained and they've managed to strike a pleasing balance between friendliness and professionalism. Everyone they sent over during the course of the work, as well as their office staff has been, nice helpful and accommodating. I hope not to need to use them again but if I do, I'll do so gladly!
unnamed file
Came round to have a look at work required and actually realised it was all low level work. Explained and showed what was required. They can back about a week later (or thereabouts) to carry out the work which was done very quickly (about an hour if I recall). Because it took less time than was originally thought have not been charged for the materials so was very happy about that.

Ryan R.


Kristian F.


Jacqueline M.


What is the difference between brick repointing and brick pointing?

Repointing is the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints in masonry to prevent water ingress and ensure structural integrity while pointing might simply refer to the finish applied to the mortar as it’s being applied to new brickwork. In London, the age and weathering of buildings make brick repointing and pointing essential services for maintaining your property’s facade.

How does ‘London brick pointing’ enhance the aesthetics of my home?

London brick pointing involves expertly finishing the joints between bricks to match the unique character and historical significance of London’s architecture. It not only strengthens the structure but also revives the beauty of your property, maintaining the iconic London charm.

Can ‘brickworks repointing’ extend the life of my building?

Absolutely. Repointing brickworks is crucial in preserving the integrity of a building. By removing deteriorated mortar and replacing it with a quality, matched blend, we ensure your structure withstands time and the elements, ultimately extending its lifespan.

Why is the right mortar mix important for ‘mortar brick’ repairs?

The correct mortar mix ensures compatibility with the existing brickwork, allowing for the proper expansion and contraction without damage, thus preserving the strength and aesthetics of your building’s brickwork.

What makes a ‘quality brick’ restoration service stand out?

A quality brick restoration service stands out through its meticulous attention to detail, use of superior materials, and expertise in techniques that honour the building’s original craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless and durable finish.

How often should ‘repointing London’ buildings be considered?

The need for repointing in London buildings varies depending on exposure to weather, the condition of the existing mortar, and previous maintenance. It’s generally recommended to inspect your brickwork every five years and consider repointing every 15-20 years.

What does ‘brick cleaning London’ involve, and is it safe for my property?

Brick cleaning involves removing dirt, stains, and biological growth using non-destructive methods. When done professionally, it is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your property’s appearance without harming the brickwork.

What kind of ‘repair’ services do you offer for damaged brickwork?

We offer comprehensive repair services for damaged brickwork, which include chipped brick replacement, crack filling, and color-matched brickwork repointing, ensuring the integrity and continuity of your property’s exterior.

Do you offer lime mortar repointing?

Yes, we can carry out lime mortar repointing work, and for that reason, is what makes us the leader in brick repointing London as we offer such a range of work.

When is it necessary to consider ‘paint removal’ from brick?

Paint removal from brick may be necessary when the existing paint is failing, trapping moisture, or you wish to restore the property to its original brick finish. It should be approached with care to avoid damaging the underlying brickwork.