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Brick Paint Removal London

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your property, increase its value or strip off paint that which is damaging the masonry beneath, there are many reasons to remove paint from a brick wall.

We offer thorough brick wall paint removal which carefully strips away all types of paint and render without damaging the brick and mortar beneath, followed by any brick cleaning and repairs which may be required.

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Why use Environ Property services for brick wall paint removal?

Different types of paints and renders require specific equipment and chemicals to remove, and using the wrong method can damage the wall.

For example, plastic-based paints should be removed with a combination of solvents and high-powered steam jets, while acid washes can be used for lime based paints and general grime.

This is likely to remove some of the mortar which may also have eroded beneath the paint, so repointing is often combined with paint removal.

Various damage to the brick wall is also expected, which will have to be repaired. Read more about how paint damages brick walls below.

It’s very important that you hire contractors to remove paint who can identify which materials have been used and how to look after buildings of all ages.

Our director, Terry Clark, is a member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and is dedicated to performing remedial works that preserve period buildings to that they can survive long into the future. 

Why should you remove paint from brick walls?

Painted brick walls have usually been painted again and again as they’ve touched up over the years. This builds up to a thick layer of stubborn paint which isn’t just difficult to remove but also causes property damage.

Walls in period homes are supposed to “breathe”, which means that moisture can freely pass in and out of the building, preventing a build-up of damp inside the structure.

A thick layer of impermeable paint on a brick wall can prevent it from breathing, resulting in the accumulation of moisture behind the coat of paint. This wet layer erodes away at the brick and mortar and provides conditions for mould growth.

We’ve stripped back paint to find aggressive mould growing underneath and bricks wet like sponges, heavily damaged by water erosion and freeze/thaw damage, which can eventually lead to large cracks spreading through the wall.

This combination of moisture build up and damaged brick completely compromises the building fabric’s water tightness, leading to a spread of damp and mould throughout the structure and all the associated issues that causes.

Does all paint damage brick walls?

Modern plastic-based masonry paint and renders work well on concrete and the hard bricks used in cavity walls, but wreak havoc on soft bricks used in pre-1920 buildings, which should only ever be painted with lime washes.

There has been a resurgence in the use of lime washes and renders as property owners and developers realised that these traditional paints don’t disrupt the breathability of the bricks beneath them. It turns out the Victorians knew what they were doing!

Unfortunately, lime fell out of favour last century and many period homes were coated with inappropriate materials, then painted again and again, with the damage beneath slowly spreading but never seen.

The good news for period buildings is that exposed exterior brickwork is now fashionable and encouraged is conservation areas and by English Heritage.

There is an effort throughout the country to return period buildings to their intended appearance and undo the damage from reckless building works in the 1900s.

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Increase the value of your home and undo the damage of reckless paint use with brick wall paint removal from Environ.

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I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for resolving the damp issue we had. Its so nice to come home and not see or smell the disaster that was there before. Just in time for Christmas which I would have to say you guys saved as we have family coming who had their flights already booked. A massive relief Thank you so much!! Would definitely recommend your team from initial contact to works completed. Great job.
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I chose to use Environ to deal with a damp wall, the whole process from beginning to end has been straightforward, well explained and they've managed to strike a pleasing balance between friendliness and professionalism. Everyone they sent over during the course of the work, as well as their office staff has been, nice helpful and accommodating. I hope not to need to use them again but if I do, I'll do so gladly!
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Came round to have a look at work required and actually realised it was all low level work. Explained and showed what was required. They can back about a week later (or thereabouts) to carry out the work which was done very quickly (about an hour if I recall). Because it took less time than was originally thought have not been charged for the materials so was very happy about that.

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