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Roof Inspection More Cost-Effective With Drones

how much does drone roof survey cost

UK property owners, sellers, and buyers should now consider regular roof inspections as part of their maintenance routines. Damage to roofs is a common property issue, and early detection of problems can save home or building owners thousands of pounds in repairs or replacements. If you’re contemplating a roof inspection, why not look into roof surveys with a drone as a cost-efficient method of assessing property damage? Research shows that the average drone roof survey cost is more affordable than hiring inspectors to manually survey properties with ladders or scaffolding.

The roof over your head protects you from the sun, rain, snow and other outside elements, so keeping it in tip-top condition is as important as any other aspect of property maintenance. Damp or leaks, if left undetected, will eventually cause irreparable damage to a roof, not to mention the interior of the building, and can mean a costly replacement if repair isn’t possible. A damaged roof can reduce the value of the property for the seller; while for the buyer, it can mean expensive rectification work sooner than you had planned.

Lenders in the UK will also invariably ask for a survey report before approving any mortgage or loan application, and may decline a buyer’s application if the roof damage is severe, so it’s in everyone’s interests to spot signs of damage early on.

The Roof Survey Report

Roof surveying companies will furnish clients with a comprehensive report on the condition of their roofs and offer recommendations on possible action to address any damages, including cost estimates based on factors such as the material used on the roofing. Detailed reports will cover a plethora of different areas such as signs of dampness or rotting, leaking, the condition of the chimney’s bricks, guttering, and the ability of the roof to provide adequate insulation. 

Whether a property needs further inspection or not will depend on this assessment.

Facilities Management experts are warning of the risks of having neglected properties during the COVID lockdown period and stress that building managers looking to open up spaces for occupancy through rental or sale in the near future should consider the condition of the property’s roof as a matter of urgency.

Drone Surveys

Aside from typically costing less than a traditional survey, drones are rising in popularity as surveying equipment because of their ability to take high-resolution images or video footage of the roof, including previously inaccessible areas, that experts can then examine to spot signs of possible damages.

 A drone can be launched from any relatively spacious area on the ground, such as a drive or a garden.

The Cost Of Drone Roof Surveys

Compared to the traditional inspection method, which takes time and bulky equipment to complete and can cost up to thousands of pounds, drones are far more cost-efficient.

Every company charges differently, but usually, the value of the property that needs surveying can be used as a starting point to estimate the overall roof survey cost.

Properties with a value of <£99,000 should budget from £350 for the survey cost, with owners of properties valued at £100,000+ expecting to pay around £450. Alternatively, some survey companies charge roughly £400 for residential property roof surveys; approximately £500 for small commercial buildings; and on average around £600 for industrial building roofs.

Drone Roof Survey Experts In The UK 

With the current coronavirus lockdown restrictions, it’s more important than ever to ensure the optimum condition of your roof, whether that’s of a home or a commercial building you’re responsible for.

The quality of the roof survey report you get depends on the company doing the survey. Environ Property Services possesses the expertise and the technology required to carry out this kind of job efficiently and effectively.

We are a team of tradespeople that can take care of the job end to end, from conducting roof surveys with a drone to recommending and then implementing cost-effective repairs. Our team is fully trained and licensed to fly Remotely Piloted Air Systems. Our expert surveyors can carry out a thorough inspection of your roof and flag up what needs to be done in a comprehensive, detailed report.

Our drone roof survey cost is highly reasonable and we are happy to provide you with an estimate before you hire us for the job so you can judge that for yourself. We aim for total satisfaction throughout.

Get in touch with the team at Environ Property Services today for more details.

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