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Revamp Your Home: Smart Strategies to Transform House Exterior

Have you ever dreamt of giving your home a stunning makeover that turns heads? Transforming your house exterior can breathe new life into your property, accentuating its unique character and enhancing curb appeal. With a “transform house exterior” approach, from expert brick cleaning to modernising windows and doors, let’s embark on an exciting journey that will revitalise your home and leave you in awe.

Key Takeaways

Reviving Historical Charm: Expert Brick Cleaning in London

A property’s brickwork mirrors its rich history and architectural charm. However, natural elements over time can impact these beautiful bricks. This is where Environ Property Services, a London-based brick cleaning and restoration service, steps in. Their detailed process includes:

  • Cleaning the bricks to remove dirt, grime, and stains
  • Repairing any damaged or deteriorated bricks
  • Re-pointing the mortar to ensure structural integrity
  • Applying a protective sealant to prevent future damage

This process uses masonry paint to revive and preserve the bricks’ unique beauty and character, transforming an ugly exterior into an impressive exterior makeover of an existing building.

Imagine your home’s exterior as a canvas and the bricks as the intricate details that bring it to life. Brick restoration plays a significant role in preserving your property’s original charm and character. Utilising non-caustic treatments like Ecoprotec and professional expertise helps maintain the bricks’ pristine condition, harmonising them with other exterior elements like roof coverings and windows.

The Art of Brick Restoration

Restoring brickwork requires a professional touch. The restoration process follows a series of steps to return the brickwork to its original condition. It is essential for an overall exterior covering project, like adding roof insulation or replacing windows. By opting for a professional brick-cleaning company, you invest in the following:

  • Precision
  • Expertise
  • Heritage preservation
  • Time efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety

This contributes to your property’s value.

What methods do professionals like Environ Property Services employ to achieve impressive results? 

Experience the future of brick cleaning with ThermaTech. This state-of-the-art system efficiently tackles the toughest stains, employing superheated water for optimal cleaning without harsh chemicals. ThermaTech is designed for environmental friendliness and operational efficiency, ensuring professional-grade results while preserving the integrity of your bricks. 

Environ Property Services leverages this advanced technology to deliver exceptional cleaning services, enhancing your property’s aesthetic and structural quality with precision and care. Trust ThermaTech for a sophisticated, effective cleaning solution.

This detailed process not only uncovers the property’s original charm but also augments the overall appearance of your home, transforming it into an admirable masterpiece.

Why Choose Environ for Your Brickwork?

Environ Property Services is proud of its team of highly skilled professionals who possess a ‘can do’ attitude. They are fully licensed and insured and hold building association credentials, ensuring your home’s exterior is in good hands. Trusting Environ with your brickwork restoration ensures your home’s unique architectural style is preserved, making it the perfect choice for a modern house.

Elevating Curb Appeal with a Front Door Facelift

Your front door serves as the entrance to your home, playing a significant part in crafting the initial impression of your property. A simple paint refresh or a complete door replacement can dramatically enhance your home’s exterior. The perfect front door colour and design complementing your home’s architectural style can significantly elevate your curb appeal.

Imagine arriving home after a long day and being greeted by a beautiful, welcoming front door. It’s not just about aesthetics; a front door facelift can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency by boosting insulation or adding a porch for a cosy outdoor space. With the right choice, your front door can become a striking focal point that enhances your home’s overall exterior.

Modernising with New Windows and Doors

Windows and doors serve as the sensory input of your home, significantly influencing its exterior design and ambience. Substituting old windows and doors with modern, energy-efficient options can dramatically enhance your home’s look and energy efficiency. An upgrade to elements like sliding sash windows or period-style small casements can inject a sense of classic elegance into your property.

New windows can remarkably affect a house’s facade, especially when combined with an overall redesign plan. With advancements in uPVC units, modern replacement windows can be designed to look almost like natural wood, giving your home a sleek and contemporary appearance. From sliding sash windows to new front door openings, modernising your windows and doors is an investment that can boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

Transforming with Top-Tier Cladding

Revamping your home’s exterior need not be intimidating. Cladding significantly grants your home’s exterior a fresh, updated look and is available in various options to match your style and budget. Options like timber cladding, brick slips, composite cladding, laminate cladding, and fibre cement weatherboarding can significantly improve your home’s appearance while hiding minor flaws.

However, it’s essential to match the new materials perfectly with the existing ones or choose a striking contrast when selecting your cladding. Keep in mind installing contrasting cladding materials may necessitate planning permission.

Whether you’re considering stone cladding to refresh your house’s exterior or adding a touch of elegance with timber cladding, the correct choice can create a stunning, unified look that will leave you in awe.

Roof Revitalization: From Tiles to Insulation

A property’s roof acts as a protective barrier against the elements. Maintaining and renovating a roof can drastically alter the property’s appearance. From updating the roof covering to adding roof insulation, investing in a new roof can bestow your home with a fresh, modern look while enhancing its energy efficiency.

Imagine the impact of replacing old, moss-covered roof tiles with new interlocking concrete ones or altering the roof’s shape for a sleek, contemporary appearance. The cost of upgrading your roof can make it a worthy investment for a dramatic transformation. Stripping the roof tiles is an excellent opportunity to upgrade insulation and add extra roof lights if you have a loft conversion, as it’s simpler to change the structure with the weight of the tiles removed.

Enhancing Architectural Style with Extensions

Adding an extension to your property can enhance its exterior appearance while boosting its functionality and value. Depending on your needs and budget, options abound, from dormer extensions to large-feature chimneys and double-storey extensions.

Considerations such as the property’s architectural style, the angles and height of the existing roof, and whether the extension could block natural light should be considered before adding a porch or bay window. A well-planned extension can create a seamless transition between the existing property and the new addition, ensuring an attractive and unified exterior.

It’s essential to match the new materials perfectly with the existing ones or aim for a striking contrast when extending. Some options to consider are:

  • Integrating large areas of glass alongside traditional Victorian brick
  • Using modern materials like steel and concrete to create a contemporary extension
  • Adding a timber-framed extension for a rustic and natural look

With the correct extension, you can accentuate your property’s architectural style and create a stunning outdoor space that complements your home’s exterior design.

The Exterior Paint Refresh

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to revamp your home’s exterior. A new colour or finish can significantly alter your property’s appearance, providing an affordable and quick way to see immediate results.

When selecting the perfect colour and finish for exterior paint, consider factors such as the style of your home, the climate, and the amount of sunlight the area receives. From earthy neutrals to warm whites and creams, the latest colour trends in exterior paint can turn your property into a stunning masterpiece.

Landscaping for a Complete Makeover

Landscaping is the final touch in transforming your house’s exterior. A beautiful, unified outdoor space can enhance your property’s exterior design and curb appeal. Whether redesigning your garden for an impressive landscape or adding a porch for a cosy outdoor space, landscaping enables you to create an inviting, harmonious environment that complements your home’s exterior makeover.

Investing in landscaping is a smart move, as it can yield returns of up to 5-10% of your property’s value.

Why delay? Exercise your creativity and treat your home to the house exterior makeover it deserves.


Transforming your house exterior can be an exciting and rewarding experience. From expert brick cleaning and front door facelifts to modernising windows and doors, top-tier cladding, roof revitalisation, and landscaping, endless possibilities exist to revamp your property and enhance its curb appeal. With careful planning and the right choices, you can breathe new life into your home and create a stunning masterpiece that stands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Modernise my house exterior?

Give your house a modern touch by adding insulation, a porch, refreshing your garden, re-roofing and adding an extension. Change the front door openings and add sliding sash windows or period-style small casements for period properties to create a new look and maximise curb appeal!

How can I make my house look nice outside?

Make your house look nice outside by giving your front door a coat of colour with paint or installing a custom wood door, cleaning off dirty spots around the knob, and using metal polish on the door fixtures. Add kerb appeal with new windows and doors, freshly painted brick, driveway renovations, garden landscaping, replacing or refreshing borders, interior shutters, and outdoor lighting. Additionally, large windows can make a huge difference, so remember to clean the exterior walls, power wash your driveway, trim hedges, and clear up clutter.

What is the importance of brick cleaning and restoration in a house exterior makeover?

Brick cleaning and restoration are essential for preserving a property’s unique beauty and character, making it a vital part of any house exterior makeover.

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